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Wake Up to the Colours of Surf Coast

Here on the Surf Coast, we don’t do things in half measures. The waves are big, the locals are supremely talented and the food...


Surprise Your Taste Buds on the Surf Coast

The Surf Coast is more than surfing with fish and chips for lunch, it’s a foodies...


Wake up to the Sounds of Surf Coast

Down by the beach, we’re blessed with a glorious real-life playlist. It features the sounds of laughing families, the clink of...


Relax & Rejuvenate on the Surf Coast

Still feeling the hangover of 2020? A beachside wellness retreat with the girls is just the cure for your frazzled mind and...


Surf, Ride, Paddle and Hike the Surf Coast

This beautiful stretch of coast is a playground for outdoor adventurers of all ages. While some families prefer their getaways to...


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